Written by Tom Brooks, Director of Food & Beverage, The Essex Resort & Spa

(reprinted from Burlington Free Press, Friday, 29 October)

In keeping with this week’s theme of Strange Foods, I thought first about the ‘typical’ items—chocolate-covered insects, scorpion lollipops, and the like.

And then I remembered a recipe from my days as a private chef. It sounds absolutely horrific but is actually quite tasty. The amazing thing is that Crazy Canapés contain two extremely common ingredients and a third that’s not uncommon either.

These couldn’t be easier to make. The tricky part is convincing yourself to actually try them, but you’ll be very surprised how good they taste. And remember– way back in history someone had to be the first to try lobster, right?

If nothing else, these Crazy Canapés are certain to be a conversation starter.

Crazy Canapés
1 cup chunk light tuna
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup horseradish
4 slices white bread

Combine all three wet ingredients in a bowl, adding more or less peanut butter and horseradish to your taste– just make sure that the mixture is thin enough to be spreadable. Spread the mixture onto the bread, either cutting into rounds or trimming the crust and cutting into triangles. Place the canapés onto a sheet pan and broil until the mixture becomes slightly browned on top.

Remove from oven and arrange neatly on your fanciest silver serving tray (it’s all about the presentation, after all!). Serve.